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A young one of the Mar must go on a journey into the bathysmal depths. With only a sanctified crystal in hand, they have to deliver it to the Vaktar, the guardian of the deep.

This year’s deliverance is later than usual, and the merke which has been kept at bay now creeps its way to the surface, threatening the lives of the villagers.

As you travel into the depths you must solve puzzles & fight back the effects of the merke, also known as the black fog, making your way further and further down to deliver the sanctified crystal to the Vaktar.

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Game Mechanics

1. black fog

"So you can't see anything? Yes."

Imagine you are in a dark deep sea and you can't see anything around you. Our programming team has developed a basic mechanic, "Black Fog". It will simulate the effect of pitch black in the deep sea, you speak nothing can be seen until the black fog is briefly lit by throwing projectiles. Here is a diagram of the suit from Noah Heilveil

2. Magic projectile

"A magical launcher? Nice."

In the game you will get a secret weapon from the deep sea. The projectiles he fires not only interact with the environment but also light up the map. Every time you fire a projectile, it briefly lights up the map ahead, so take your chances and move forward! But beware, your projectiles may attract strange creatures. Here's a diagram from Kevin Kincaid

3. Enemies

There are many strange creatures in the world of the game. The light of the magical projectile may startle some of them. So always be ready to fight! Or find a safe place to hide. Here is a diagram from Kevin Kincaid

Concept art

Meet the amazing work of our art team!

Character design, from Katie DeJarlais

Environmental object design from Rebecca Stetina-Sawyer

Ui design from: Monyé

Meet our protagonists and antagonist


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